AER Compact 60

"We sell a ton of the AER Compact 60/2 amps and customers constantly tell us they can't believe the sound that comes from the little monsters. At just 19 lbs., and with the included carry bag, you really can go to gigs with a guitar in one hand and the amp over your shoulder and sound like you've always dream of." - Paul Heumiller

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The AER Compact 60 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp has two channels that make it possible to operate your microphone and acoustic guitar independently of each other. The dynamically controlled power amplifier and the broad-spectrum loudspeaker system guarantee distortion-free reproduction, even at high volumes.

The Compact 60 guitar amp is based on the Acousticube and is a small, powerful and yet simple complete solution for singer songwriters who perform.

This system, with its 8″-twin-cone speaker-system, 60 watts of power and fully developed dynamic control gives you great control over your live sound.

Level control:
You can adjust the High/Low switch and the Gain control to match your pickup systems. The clip indicator shows that the input signal is too high.

Tone controls:
The three and two band tone controls of your Compact 60 are designed to fulfill the special requirements of acoustic instruments and the general demands of other sources. The Color switch in Channel 1 activates a mid-cut treble-boost filter that is particularly appropriate for fingerstyle techniques.

The Compact 60 has four integrated digital effects with pushbutton control. They include a warm hall reverb, bright hall reverb, chorus with reverb, and flanger.

An effects send allows the use of external effects.

AER Compact 60 60W 1×8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Features:

* Front (from left to right):
* Channel 1:
* Input socket for a 1/4″ jack plug
* High/Low switch to adjust input sensitivity High impedance only instruments with a piezoelectric pick-up, Low for instruments with active preamplifiers and magnetic sound pick-ups
* Clip overload indicator
* Gain input level control
* Color mid-range contour filter
* Bass tone control for bass
* Middle tone control for mid-range
* Treble tone control for treble
* Input XLR combination with a socket for a 1/4″ jack plug and XLR male socket
* Line/Mic switch to adjust input sensitivity
* Line sources with line level, instruments with active preamplifiers and magnetic
* sound pick-ups, Mic: symmetrical microphone input with 30V phantom source
* Clip overload indicator
* Gain input level control
* Bass tone control for bass
* Treble tone control for treble
* Eff. Pan panorama control to distribute the effects between the channels
* Select push button for the selection of four effects, indicated by the LEDs between return and master (pos.1 warm hall, pos. 2 bright hall reverb, pos. 3 chorus with reverb, pos. 4 flanger)
* Return level control for the internal effect
* Power indicator lamp
* Master level control for the overall volume

Rear (from left to right):
* Phones headphone output
* Tuner output for a tuner after the master control
* Line out preamplifier output after the master control
* DI-out XLR output before the master control
* Send output for an external effect device
* Return input for an external effect device or another signal source, for example CD player
* F/S connection for a double foot switch with which the effects can be switched on and off (See 4. Summary of Operations).
* Power combined mains switch with a mains socket and a fuse holder (1 A slowblow)

AER Compact 60 60W 1×8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Includes:

* padded gig bag


* Inputs Ch1: Line: unbalanced., 2.2 MEG
* High/Low -10 dbV
* Ch2: Line: unbalanced., 1MEG _ Mic: balanced., 600 Ohm
* Eff. Return: -10dBV/10k
* Outputs: Tuner: -10dBV
* Line: 0dBV
* DI: -20dBV
* Send: -10dbV
* Foot switch Tip: built in effect
* Ring: external effect
* Sleeve: ground
* EQ:
* Ch1: Bass: +- 8 dB/ 100 Hz
* Middle: +- 3 dB/ 550 Hz
* Treble: +- 11 dB/ 10 kHz
* Ch2: Bass: +- 8 dB/ 100 Hz
* Treble: +- 11 dB/ 10 kHz
* Processor: Limiter, Subsonic Filter and Enhancer
* Effect: Four build-in effects, hall, bright hall, reverb/chorus, flanger
* Power Amp: Power consumption: 220-240 V / 50-60Hz / 70 VA (110V / 50-60Hz)
* Rating: 60 Watt / 4 ohm RMS
* Mains Fuse: 1A slow
* Speaker: 8″ twin-cone speaker-system (96 dB 1w/1m, freq. range 60Hz-18kHz )
* Cabinet: 0.59″ 3(15 mm) birch plywood
* Dimension: 10.24″ 3(260 mm) high, 13.00″
* 3(330 mm) wide, 19.06″ 3(230 mm) deep
* Finish: water based acrylic, black spatter finish
* Weight: 18.74 lbs (8.5 kg)
* 0dB/V ~ 1V

Please Note, optional colors and finishes are available by special order. If you select a custom color we will contact you with an estimated delivery date. All custom orders must be paid in full once we confirm the estimated delivery date with you.