Dream Guitars Vol. II Hand Picked

“Dream Guitars Volume Two: Hand Picked” features amazing original fingerstyle guitar compositions by Al Petteway played on some of the most incredible instruments on the planet 'Hand Picked' off the wall at Dream Guitars (www.dreamguitars.com) See Below for Purchase Options.


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Dream Guitars is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the CD will be donated to LEAF Community Arts. LEAF Community Arts is a non-profit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events, and arts education programs. Learn more: http://www.theleaf.org/

I Don’t Want to Be Sad No More (2:51) – 1933 Martin 00-40H
Blue Ridge Brambles (2:13) – Henderson D-28 Deluxe
Breakin’ the Blues (3:32) – Greenfield G1
When We Were Young (3:35) – Stotzel Guitars Zoe Small Jumbo
Downhill Ride (2:14) – Blanchard Sugar Pine
Saturday Night Strut (3:39) – Mountain Song Guitars (Ken Jones) Baritone Fan Fret
Breton Dance (2:06) – Veillette Terz
Late At Night (3:59) – Sobell New World
Just One More Time (3:18) – 1928 National Reso-Phonic Style 1 Tri-Cone
One Yellow Rose (2:20) – Petros Yellow Rose FS Cutaway
My Solitude (4:40) – Buscarino Cabaret
Raven’s Flight (3:26) – Tippin Crescendo Al Petteway Signature Series
River (3:31) – Matsuda M1
The Cuckoo / Reuben’s Train (3:33) – Circa 000
Swannanoa (3:23) – McConnell OM
The South Wind (3:23) – Tippin Custom Crescendo Fan Fret

All Songs are original compositions by Al Petteway

The Story:

“Dream Guitars Volume Two: Hand Picked” is the sequel to “Dream Guitars Volume One: The Golden Age of Lutherie” by Al Petteway. The inaugural CD was a compilation of original music recorded by Al on a limited edition of guitars, named the ‘Dream Series’, designed and crafted by eleven of our favorite luthiers solely for Dream Guitars. Great guitars are part of the reason for the second CD, the other major part is Grammy Award winner, Al Petteway. Those of you who are familiar with Dream Guitars (www.dreamguitars.com), know Al as the guy who plays everything from sweet acoustic fingerstyle guitar to down home banjo & mandolin to electric lead with attitude. He’s also a wonderful composer who wrote all the ’56 second wonders’ on our site. Those sound clips that everyone wants TAB for.

“Dream Guitars Volume Two: Hand Picked” features additionally amazing original compositions by Al Petteway played on some of the most incredible instruments on the planet. The instruments were ‘Hand Picked’ off the wall at Dream Guitars by shop owner Paul Heumiller and Al Petteway. A book of sheet music and tablature is also available making it a wonderful learning tool for Fingerstyle guitar players.

“It’s a joy to be able to play all of the wonderful guitars at Dream Guitars while doing their video demos. This second CD in the series features some of our “hand-picked” favorites, recorded with the same bare bones philosophy as Vol. I, relatively raw and with only a bit of reverb added here and there. All of the tracks were recorded in stereo using high-end microphones and preamps. I’ve come to really like this “naked” way of recording and listening to high-end guitars. It makes it much easier to experience the truly individual voices that these instruments have. I hope you enjoy listening to this CD as much as I enjoyed making it.” – Al Petteway

“On Dream Guitars Vol. 1 we recorded only the limited edition Dream Series instruments made for our shop. On this record Al and I simply ‘hand picked’ our favorites right off the wall. At any given time we are lucky to have a vast collection of the finest instruments in the world. It was great fun to choose the arsenal for this CD, some old, some new, all wondrous in there own right. The array of voices, in the hands of Al Petteway, makes this recording special and unique.” – Paul Heumiller