Dream Guitars Vol. I The Golden Age of Lutherie by Al Petteway

This CD celebrates the Dream Series instruments commissioned by Dream Guitars by the finest luthiers. The songs are full versions of the many samples used to demo the instruments on the Dream Guitars website. All Songs are original compositions by Al Petteway. All guitars on this CD are 'Dream Series' models available exclusively at Dream Guitars. See Below for Purchase Options.


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The Crossing (3:19) – Sexauer
Highland Harbinger (2:35) – Applegate

Snow Waltz (5:22) – McCollum
Tennessee Mountain Rag (3:15) – Sheppard
March West (4:12) – Hoffman
Whitewater (3:51) – Tippin
Rainy Day (3:05) – Petros
Night Flight (3:34) – Charis
Potato Salad Days (2:43) – Beneteau
Mysterious Journey (3:34) – Simpson
Reverie (3:18) – Wingert

All Songs are original compositions by Al Petteway

All guitars on this CD are ‘Dream Series’ models available exclusively at Dream Guitars

The Story:
A few years back Paul had a discussion with one of our builders, Kathy Wingert, about creating a guitar especially for Dream Guitars, the kind of guitar builders are not often asked to build, their best. That led to the concept of creating a unique Series of guitars, which would allow the builders an opportunity to use their finest material and to include concepts and features that the they wanted to incorporate in very special guitars built without compromise.

We approached the luthiers, who we felt were the very best of our era. We were pleased to find that they welcomed the challenge of creating something new, while maintaining the quality of sound for which they were known. Together with these eleven great luthiers, we created the ‘Dream Series’. A limited edition of guitars, built without compromise. We were so taken by these instruments that we recorded them all on a one of a kind CD.

Great guitars are part of the reason for the CD, the other part is Al Petteway. Those of you who are familiar with the site, know Al as the guy who plays everything from sweet acoustic fingerstyle guitar to down home banjo & mandolin to electric lead with attitude. He’s also a wonderful composer who wrote all the ’56 second wonders’ on our site. Those sound clips that everyone wants TAB for.

This CD showcases aspects of Al’s talent that are only hinted at in those soundclips as well as his ability to write songs that are as much emotional journeys as they are technical wizardry. We are proud to offer Dream Guitars Vol. 1.

“As a long time player, collector, and all around guitar enthusiast it is a great joy to listen to Al play his beautiful songs while I sit back and visualize the guitar, the woods, and all of the fine details that these magnificant luthiers put into each guitar. I wish I could have one of each! Maybe someday.” – Dan R.