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  • Colorado Case Covers


    We recommend Colorado Case Covers to protect both your case and your instrument. Your case will be protected from the rigors of the road and the thermal lining will protect your instrument from drastic temperature changes. You will also get a convenient shoulder strap and large front pocket. An elegant embroidered Dream Guitars logo also adorns each cover. Contact us for custom options.

  • ToneRite 3G Play-In Device (New 3.0 Model)


    The ToneRite is the world's premier and most advanced play in device. The secret behind the tone of vintage instrument si the constant and continual playing they have received over the years, resulting in increased tone, balace and resonance. Through its on going research, ToneRite has discovered a safe and effective meas of accelerating this effect, giving the ability the achieve an instruments best tone, today. The key is its ability to generate and efficiently transfer vibrational energy into an instrument.