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  • AER Alpha


    Save 13%

    "The Alpha is a 40W amp great for practice or as a stage monitor. Same great AER sound and the smallest and lightest of their offerings." - Paul Heumiller

  • AER Compact 60/3

    from $1,199.00

    Save 12% — 14%

    "We sell a ton of the AER Compact 60/3 amps and customers constantly tell us they can't believe the sound that comes from the little monsters. At just 19 lbs., and with the included carry bag, you really can go to gigs with a guitar in one hand and the amp over your shoulder and sound like you've always dreamed of." - Paul Heumiller

  • AER Compact Mobile


    Save 15%

    "We've sold the Compact Mobile to many musician's who do weddings or outdoor shows and they are amazed at the clear natural town and honest battery life. They report getting 3-6 hours of great sound depending on volume, etc. The battery adds weight but remains managable." - Paul Heumiller

  • AER Compact XL


    Save 14%

    "AER created the XL in response to players who loved the Compact 60 but simply needed more power for larger venues, outdoor gigs, or playing in a band setting. The XL offers all the clear, natural tone you expect from AER, but with tons of headroom for any situation." - Paul Heumiller

  • AER Domino 3


    Save 16%

    "The Domino is a great choice for the multi-instrumentalist, guitarist who using multiple instruments in a show or a small group looking for a single box PA that's easy to carry and setup. The sound is the same clear, natural voice as the Compact 60 but the larger cabinet, 2 dual cone speakers and 4 inputs make for a wider frequency response and ability to blend many instruments/voices. It's a little bit heavier but still easier to carry at 40 lbs." - Paul Heumiller

  • Brian Boggs Chairmakers/Sonus Musician's Chair


    "The Musician's Chair is the ultimate accessory for the passionate guitarist. It is designed completely with comfort and ergonomics in mind. This is a chair you can sit in for hours and hours without ever feeling tired or fidgety. You will always perform at your very best. It is also gorgeous, hand crafted by one of the preeminent chair builders in the world. Brian Boggs and the Brian Boggs Chairmakers." - Paul Heumiller

  • Colorado Case Covers


    We recommend Colorado Case Covers to protect both your case and your instrument. Your case will be protected from the rigors of the road and the thermal lining will protect your instrument from drastic temperature changes. You will also get a convenient shoulder strap and large front pocket. An elegant embroidered Dream Guitars logo also adorns each cover. Contact us for custom options.